Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Last Day At Raw Soul (Raw Vegetarian Restaurant)

So I recently told you guys/gals that I was going to be blogging about a raw restaurant called Rawsoul and so here it is. Sadly Rawsoul is now closed down but I had a speak with the owner of the place and it was for good causes in the community. I'm glad I went before they did close down because the food was delicious and the experience was just overall a great one. I went with my older brother and his girlfriend, along with my uncle and his girlfriend and I'm pretty sure they feel the same way I do about the food. The name fits the restaurant perfectly because they really put some SOUL into their raw dishes. So here are the pictures as promised, we really pigged out but I'm glad we did! The picture above is of myself, my brother and the owner/chef of rawsoul, I am on the left.

We all had a cabbage/miso/chickpeas soup as an appetizer and this soup was off the hook and couldn't of been made any better. It had a hint of spice to it but not too much. I'm not sure what other spices they put into it but all I know is that they did a good job at it. Best raw soup I've ever add hands down. The pics below are all the entrees we had.

The first pic is the enchiladas that my brother had. It doesn't even look raw and I have no clue how they did it but I think that was the best raw meal I've ever tasted (my brother gave me a few bites). You can't see the inside from this side of the picture but it was stuffed with some kind of imitation meat that had a little spicy kick to it but not too overwhelming. The sauce and olives on top gave it a nice salty/creamy taste. Before we took the picture there were two enchiladas but as you can tell one of them were downed so quickly before we could even pull out the camera.

This second pictures is the bbq burger that my brothers girlfriend had and this meal also came with two burgers but I think you know what happened to the first one. I also got a little taste of this burger and it was very good, a little on the earthy side but still very tasty. It consisted of some type of imitation meat topped off with an amazing bbq sauce and some earthy sprouts in between two pieces of flax bread. Personally not as good as the enchiladas but still well worth it and it fills you up. I'm going to have to learn to make something like this at home.

The third meal was a tamale pie and a side drink of what was called "coconut dream". The tamale pie almost comes close to the enchiladas because of the way they put the flavors together, I'm not sure how they did this one. The imitation meat on the inside has a heaviness to it but at the same time it was pretty sweet, almost like a dessert. The outside crust was very tasty too and not bland at all. The drink that came along was also very delicious. I think everyone ordered better meals then me that night!

This last entree was the one that I ordered and it was the mini plate special of the day. It consisted of some type of creamy chili surrounded by a bed of spinach that sort of tasted like it was smoked, I really liked how they made it taste cooked although it was raw. On the side there was a big piece of cornbread that came along with it and it was very satisfying. I'll admit all the other entree's had some unique flavors and were overall better tasting then mine but I was still very satisfied and the meal I had still hit the spot like no other meal I've made at home. I really need to learn how the make that cornbread!

Now I only got to take two pictures of the desserts we had. I quickly went to the restroom while the desserts were being prepared and when I came back two of them were already demolished! I forgot the name of one of them but the other one that I didn't get to take a picture of was the raspberry cheesecake. My uncle ordered that one and he left me a tiny piece when I got back from the restroom. The best raw cheesecake I've ever tasted hands down, it sort of tasted like a REAL cheesecake and that's hard to find in the raw food world. Below are the two pictures I did get to take even though one of them was already halfway done -__-

This one is the applecrumb butter parfait. It tasted very good and the crumbs really stood intact and weren't soggy. It tasted better then the lemon pie that I had below although it doesn't look like it does. For some reason every meal/dessert that everyone got were much better then mines, maybe I should start letting people order for me from now on =P

The lemon pie was pretty zesty and the sauce that covered it had a nice creamy taste to it. The crust also did not taste bland nor did it taste too sweet, it was good enough for me to enjoy the crust but still taste the flavors of the lemon and cream sauce. Unfortunately rawsoul is now closed down in nyc, but on to bigger and better things in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you want to keep up with what rawsoul is doing you can visit them at, I believe they will be selling some of their products at certain health food stores so make sure you check them out!

                                                      Jesus M. Maldonado,
                                                      Thanks for reading!