Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take Out From Rockin'Raw (Raw Vegetarian Restaurant)

Today I decided to go to rockin'raw with my brother to order some take out. Below are all the pictures of the foods that we ordered, we did not eat all of it by ourselves as we had plenty of help. Rockin'Raw is one of my favorite raw restaurants in nyc and I recommend anyone in the brooklyn area to go check them out! Their telephone number and address can be found on their website It's a nice cozy spot with plenty of room to sit and also a backyard area where you can sit and eat when the weather gets nicer. I didn't sit down and eat in as I usually would so I don't have any pictures of the inside so I'll probably be doing a reblog about rockin'raw in the future and show some pictures of the inside and some of the friendly chefs and waiters/waitresses. The reason I really like this restaurant is because there's a huge variety of foods to choose from all the way from the starters to the entrees and the desserts/drinks. The prices are also not so expensive as you would see at other raw restaurants but at the same time the prices aren't so low either. Overall great place and friendly staff. Actual there was a new girl working there today when I came to pick up my food and she was very friendly and kind to me and my bro and shes also a raw vegan as well, woot! Well here are the pictures guys/gals, enjoy.

The picture above are the tacos I had that were so tasty and fulfilling. It was filled with gaucamole, sour cream, nut/seed meat and some healthy leafy greens. The tortilla was nice and soft and I definitely would have it again.

This one was the lasagna that my brothers girlfriend had, she loved it. I've had the lasagna plenty of times and once again a definite recommended entree at rockin'raw. It had layers of zucchini topped with a sun-dried tomato sauce and inbetween the layers were a delicious nut cheese with some mushrooms and herbs/spices.

This entree was similar to the tacos I had and my brother let me have a taste of it, I think I like it better then the tacos. It was a cheezy burrito filled with some type of cheezy sauce and just other goodness. The bright yellow creepy thing in front of it are caramelized plantains that didn't come out well in the camera shot so sorry about that! I love plantains so personally I really like the caramelized plantains, my brother says their okay. I'm not sure if they serve the tacos and burritos on a daily basis so if your planning on going to order some make sure you call in advance and ask if they can make a special order for u. I think this is my favorite dish I've had at rockin'raw so far. My brother always orders better then me so for now on I'm having him order everything for me, lol.

Last but not least, dessert! You know I couldn't leave there without a sweet snack so I had to get these slices of cakes. The one on the left is a chocolate mint kind of cheesecake that tasted veryyy good, but veryy overpowering if you take one too many bites out of it. I would say try and eat it throughout the day instead of knocking it out in one sitting. The middle one is a chocolate lucama cheesecake that was also veryyy good and personally better then the others, but also very overpowering if eaten in one sitting aswell. The last one on the right is a newyork cheesecake that had some special sauce drizzled on top, very delicious and not too overpowering for the people who like a sweet but not too sweet cake. They were all good and I'd recommend them all to anyone who would like to get some desserts from there. They also do special occasion desserts so if you need a birthday cake or wedding cake make sure you check these guys out at, your taste buds will thank you, and so will your health!  I'm out for now and I hope you all stay tuned for some more rockin blogs of mine :)

                                                         Jesus M. Maldonado


  1. amazing!
    it was a pleasure meeting you! you're energy is beautiful and you're blog is awesome!
    thank you so much for this incredible review!

    can't wait to see you guys again!!


    peace and light.

  2. Hey Carissa thanks for coming by and commenting.

    I'm glad you like the blog and I plan to come back very very soon for some more of those jalapeno poppers!

    Cya soon :)

  3. They are! If your from NYC or plan on visiting NYC, make sure you check these guys out. I've been in love with their Lucama Chocolate Pudding & 3 Flavored Ice Cream Sundae as of lately ;9