Article Topics

Experience Of A 30 Day Juice Fast
Lemon Cleanse (Master Cleanse) - Day 1 of 10
Lemon Cleanse (Master Cleanse) - Day 2 of 10
Lemon Cleanse (Master Cleanse) - Day 3 of 10
Lemon Cleanse (Master Cleanse) - Day 4 of 10
Lemon Cleanse (Master Cleanse) - Day 5 of 10
Lemon Cleanse/Water Fast Completion

Refined Foods "Sugar" 
Refined Foods "White Bread" 
Refined Foods "White Rice" 
Supermarkets.. or Superprofit?
The Harmful Effects Of Drinking Soda
The Truth Within Fast Foods "McDonalds"

General Topics 
Are Humans Really Omnivores By Nature? 
Raw Foods VS Cooked Foods
My Views On Ramadan 
Understand to Overstand 
You don't live to eat, you eat to live

Health Issues  
Feeling Tired And Sluggish Throughout The Day?
Losing Weight The Correct Way 
The Symptoms Of "Hair Loss"; The Causes, The Effects, And The Healing Process 
The Symptoms Of "Mental Constipation"; The Causes, The Effects, And The Healing Process

The Powers Of Spirulina - Featured Writer Olga Gonzalez 
There's more to Alfalfa than it's beautiful color

Healing Takes Time, Don't Rush it
Heavy Burdens, Letting Go, & Dealing With Adversities 
Transitioning Into A Healthier Lifestyle

Raw Vegan Recipes 
Candy - Kids Best Friend 
Got Milk? 
Smoothies - A Perfect Breakfast 
A tasty kale and spring Guacamole salad

Pears Are BERRY Good!   
Pink Dream - Smoothie
Super Sweet Banana-Strawberry-Apple Juice Smoothie 
Smoothies - A Perfect Breakfast 
Sweet N' Sour Smoothie
Tangy Mango-Orange Juice Smoothie

Vegan Recipes

Vegan Restaurants 
I Never Really Enjoyed Salads Until....
My Last Day At Raw Soul (Raw Vegetarian Restaurant)
Take Out From Rockin'Raw (Raw Vegetarian Restaurant)

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