Friday, August 10, 2012

Sweet N' Sour Smoothie

This morning I was in the mood for a smoothie and didn't have any bananas so I decided to juice up some oranges and lemon to use as my base for the smoothie which actually turned out to be a very delicious idea.

The mixture of juiced oranges and lemon imitated a grapefruit flavor but with a little more sweetness to it, so if you're ever craving grapefruit in your smoothie and you have some oranges and lemons, then no worries! This recipe I whipped up is very simple and tasty, hope you enjoy!

10 oz Organic Frozen Mangos
6-8 oz Organic Frozen Strawberries
2 Organic Oranges
1/2 Organic Lemon

Juice both the oranges and lemon in your juicer, leave the peel on for the lemon but peel off the orange peel because it can be very bitter. Toss juice into blender and add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. No sugar, no milk, just fruits! Enjoy!

Jesus M. Maldonado

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