About Me

The Reason I Share My Knowledge
The key to overstanding ourselves as a people comes down to the knowledge we posses and also how we contribute that knowledge. We are all apart of each other and without one another we would not exist. It is very important that we share our knowledge with one another, because helping another is like helping yourself. Unity is key, and with that key we open up a doorway to only the beginning of many great journeys ahead of us.

Get To Know Who I am
My name is Jesus Maldonado but you can call me by my middle name, Manny. I'm 21 years young living in Brooklyn, New York and I am on a journey to make people more aware about being healthy and successful in all aspects of life. If I'm not spending time with my family and friends then I'm most likely spending my time trying to create new friends or trying to work on a new project. I'm kind of restless, the typical Gemini if you'd  like to say. I am a Raw Vegan and I love to eat, and as a Raw Vegan I kind of miss not being able to get full so fast so I could stuff my face! But its a good thing I'm no longer like that because that's not a healthy lifestyle to be living. I'm a great chef, so whenever I get the chance I like to experiment in the kitchen and make new creations. Did I mention that I love to eat? =9 One day I plan on owning many restaurants/health stores/creative schools/entrepreneur schools and much much more. I love to learn new things so if you approach me with a challenge of some sort then I am most likely going to be down for it. Math is my type of subject, love to solve problems and I enjoy trying to solve mathematical questions before you can punch it in on a calculator. Am a very spiritual person and very interested in astrology, I find it funny but cool that most Gemini reading's have my personalities on point. I love to create music, it runs in my family and you couldn't find any one of them who aren't talented with music in some sort of way. The piano is my main tool of my music creations but I'd love to learn all instruments one day, especially the drums. To sum this all up, I'm a very young person but very open minded with definite goals set out to reach and surpass. On this blog I except to learn just as much as I am teaching, so this blog offers me just as much knowledge as I am sharing and even more. Sit back and enjoy while I prepare to give you health, in all ways imaginable.